Feature Film

Film featuring any social topic is most welcome.

Short Film

Short film on interesting topic is acceptable.

Documentary Film

Movies made on any place or topic is most welcome.

Animation Film

Animated movies will drag more attention of viewers.

Music Video

Music video is specially for music lovers.

Languages Admitted in the Festival

Hindi | All Indian Regional Languages | English | All European Languages | All African Languages | All Asian Languages.
(English Subtitle is Mandatory)

Trophies & Certificates For

  • Best Feature Film
  • Best Short Film
  • Best Web Series
  • Best Director (Feature Films)
  • Best Actor (Feature Films)
  • Best Actress (Feature Films)
  • Best Supporting Actor (Feature Films)
  • Best Supporting Actress (Feature Films)
  • Best Comedy Actor (Male-Feature Films)
  • Best Comedy Actress (Female-Feature Films)
  • Best Actor in Negative Role (Male-Feature Films)
  • Best Actress in Negative Role (Female-Feature Films)
  • Best Child Artist (Feature Films)
  • Best Item Girl (Feature Films)
  • Best Story Writer (Feature Films)
  • Best Screenplay Writer (Feature Films)
  • Best Dialogues Writer (Feature Films)
  • Best Cinematography (Feature Films)
  • Best Music Director (Feature Films)
  • Best Lyrics Writer (Feature Films)
  • Best Costumes Designer (Feature Films)
  • Best Makeup Artist (Feature Films)
  • Best Hair Stylist (Feature Films)
  • Best Choreographer (Feature Films)
  • Best Fight Director (Feature Films)
  • Best Sound Designing (Feature Films)
  • Best Editing (Feature Films)
  • Best Singer (Male-Feature Films)
  • Best Singer (Female-Feature Films)
  • Best Background Score (Feature Films)
  • Best Concept (Feature Films)
  • Best VFX (Feature Films)
  • Best DI / CC in film (Feature Films)
  • Best Music in Music Video Category
  • Best Director in Music Video
  • Best Photography in Music Video
  • Best Folk Singer (Male-Music Video)
  • Best Folk Singer (Female-Music Video)
  • Best Animated Film Award for Social Awareness
  • Best Texturing in Animation film
  • Best Modelling in Animation film
  • Best Regional Film (Language wise)
  • Best Poster
  • Lifetime Achievement Awards to Veteran Film Actors, Directors, Producers, Writers, Lyricists, Music Directors, Playback Singers and Film Journalists